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What Is IV Therapy?

Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy is a technique that involves the administration of minerals, vitamins, nutrients and medications directly into the bloodstream.

This therapy uses a needle that pierces directly into the veins bypassing the digestive system. IV therapy allows for 100% absorption, thus reducing waste. When consumed orally, the supplements undergo digestion where they are metabolized before being absorbed by the body. 

Digestion reduces the amount of nutrients and other elements that enter the bloodstream. Besides the maximum absorption aspect, this therapy can impact and improve the body’s functions since cells directly absorb what they need.

Beyond the MultiVitamin

The Benefits of
IV Therapy

Wellness refers to more than just being nutritionally healthy. It looks much into your emotional and mental well-being by addressing depression, anxiety, and stress. For your body to function normally, it needs a daily intake of specific amounts of vitamins, nutrients and other supplements. The intake varies from one person to another as per individual needs. However, due to the various demands and struggles of daily life, it sometimes becomes hard for your body to ingest and absorb the recommended amount, thus creating a nutritional gap.

To strike a balance between vitamins and other nutrients in order to bridge the nutritional gap, you may decide to go for some multivitamin supplements. However, when taking such supplements orally, your body does not always absorb all nutrients due to the metabolic processes. Additionally, you may be suffering from impaired absorption that reduces the efficiency of nutrient conversion and absorption.

When your body has the ideal nutrient balance, you enjoy a state of mental clarity, fall sick less often and your body also feels better. To help achieve this balance, you can try the IV therapy, which gives you a 100 percent vitamin and nutrient absorption capacity. This therapy will improve your well-being by providing nutrients and supplements needed to:

Helping you
heal yourself

What IV Therapy Can Do For You

Through IV therapy, your body gets the energy it needs to keep going all year round. It is good for mind & body rejuvenation.

IV Therapy @ Raviva Healing Center

Enhanced Beauty and Appearance

Men and women struggle to achieve and maintain their desired beauty standards. IV therapy is an ideal approach to getting your desired beauty. Our therapy uses a unique blend of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients vital in improving your skin, nails and hair. We design our beauty therapy to detoxify your body and rejuvenate its appearance wholesomely.

Compared to topical body ointments and creams or oral beauty supplements, IV beauty therapy has antioxidants that remove the free radicals which contribute to tissue damage and aging. Additionally, it contains the elements glutamine and biotin, which reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your skin.

These elements also play a role in stimulating collagen production, repairing UV damage on your skin, and general body detoxification. Celebrities and other prominent persons have been at the forefront of using this technique to enhance their beauty and appearance. You can join them by trying it out.

IV beauty therapy will help you look better by providing supplements that allow you to:
Having regular IV treatment can enrich your body with supplements that make your skin look younger, radiant and healthy.

IV Therapy @ Raviva Healing Center

Boost to Your Athletic Performance

Your body requires a lot of vitamins and nutrients to achieve and maintain peak performance during athletics or any other physical training. If not adequately replenished, you may end up feeling drained and becoming weak and worn out. Intense physical exercise not only leads to fatigue and muscle strain but also causes the build-up of free radicals that leads to the aging of your skin.

As an athlete, having an IV therapy enables you to maintain peak performance without depleting your body of essential nutritional elements. Additionally, this therapy adds to your amino acids, the proteins’ building blocks that help your body recover fast. At RAVIVA, we also provide athletes with a blend of antioxidants to reduce the effects of the free radicals on their skin in order to achieve and maintain a glowing look.

Having IV therapy as an athlete helps you to:
Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, we bring our services to your point of convenience, be it at home or in the field. Our combination of powerful elements helps your body prepare for a workout or performance and offers speedy recovery after the performance or competition.

IV Therapy @ Raviva Healing Center

Good for Weight Loss

Are you out there struggling with weight loss? Worry no more, we are here for you. Our weight loss IV therapy consists of a blend of lipotropic (fat burning elements), fluids, vitamins and minerals to help your burn calories faster. However, you should have it in mind that our weight loss IV therapy alone is not a guarantee for weight loss. Be sure to continue with your body workouts and maintain a healthy diet so as to achieve the desired results.
Having Iv Therapy can contributes to weight loss indirectly by helping your body achieve the following:
At Raviva Healing Center, we deliver our weight loss IV therapy to you, whether you are the gym, at home or in the field. Do not sit there, struggling with your weight loss issues. Incorporate some IV weight loss therapy in addition to your workouts and dieting and you will enjoy the outcome. It is a great remedy for men & womens health.

IV Therapy @ Raviva Healing Center

Fast Relief for Your Hangover

After a night of drinking out, you tend to feel weak, drained or lightheaded. The strange feelings are due to the effects of alcohol on your body. Alcohol is diuretic in nature. This means that when you consume it in large quantities, it dehydrates you and removes essential nutrients from your body. The removal of nutrients causes your body tissues, especially those in the brain, to shrink, leading to headaches and muscle pain. Additionally, it initiates toxins production by the liver, which causes a feeling of general body discomfort. When you consume alcohol without rehydrating or replacing the body fluids, dehydration tends to occur fast, whose effects are hangovers.

The symptoms of hangover show differently from one person to the other, but the most common ones are:

These symptoms start to show when the alcohol level in your blood rises and can last for up to 24 hours. Therefore, the next time you go out drinking, be sure to keep yourself hydrated.

However, if you already have hangovers and are looking for a way to knock them out, RAVIVA’s hangover IV is the way to go. Our IVs contain a blend of electrolytes, vitamins, anti-nausea medications and a saline solution. When injected into your bloodstream, this combination causes rehydration and initiates detoxification. It helps restore the essential nutrients, fluids and electrolytes lost during drinking. It works within 1 hour of treatment.


IV Therapy @ Raviva Healing Center

Helps With Addiction Recovery

Drug addiction makes you overdependent on drugs. Your body cannot function well except under the influence of a dose of a particular drug. It affects your personal and social life and, in extreme cases, affects your work life. It is a disease or condition that many people wish to be liberated from. However, the addiction recovery journey tends to be overwhelming if you lack the right support system. We are a partner in your addiction recovery journey. We have a Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) IV treatment, which works alongside your recovery program.
NAD IV treatment consists of NAD, a co-enzyme naturally produced by your body that helps to:
Raviva Healing center is your ideal IV Vitamin Therapy treatment center for all your struggles. Our professional and customer friendly staff will help you in various fields such as beauty, weight loss, hangovers, athletic performance, drug addiction, and mind & body rejuvenation.

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