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What is Homeopathy

Have you ever considered exploring the area of alternative medicine to help you alleviate some medical concerns? It may surprise you to discover that many people have been healed with various medicines and treatments that you may not have heard about.

Homeopathy is worth knowing about and it is not necessarily a common choice for the majority of those in need of healing. This may be due to a lack of information about the benefits and they do not know about the many uses that it has. It ought to be known that it has been around for at least 200 years. It had been created in the year 1796.

The benefits

Why People choose Homeopathy

There are some noteworthy benefits associated with this entire therapeutic system. The advantages are many. The following are a sample of what it can accomplish:

This natural option may be ideal for men & womens health issues and concerns because traditional medical options do not always come without side effects.

Helping you
heal yourself

A wonderful addition to your life

Raviva Healing Center holds the belief that organic remedies have the ability to benefit most symptoms. This is because they tend to be very gentle on the body. They can heal the body and mind in a natural way. Serenity can be the outcome of organic options and remedies for many people. It ought to be known that many synthetic drug options differ from the organic options in various ways.


Some synthetic drugs will mimic the organic botanical compounds yet they may contain some highly processed chemicals. Most organic options and remedies offer natural substances that come from animals and plants. Everyone is wise to place consideration into what they put in their own bodies while maintaining their own health.

Homeopathy @ Raviva Healing Center

Pain Management

It is not uncommon for people to contend with various types of pain in their bodies. Pain can be debilitating and very difficult to live with. There are some very good options offered, at the Healing Center, to help individuals medical issues that affect their lives. The following are included;


Acupuncture can be viewed as a system of integrative medicine. It involves pricking the skin or tissue. This is done with sterile needles. The goal is to alleviate pain. This has also been used to treat various types of emotional or mental conditions. This originated in China and is a common practice in other many other areas

IV Therapy

IV therapy is intravenous therapy. It is a therapy that will deliver fluid right into a vein.This is often used for fluid solutions and to provide nutrition. It provides rehydration solutions to those in need of it.


Cupping therapy is a local suction is created on the skin. This therapy is used for treating areas of pain


Massage Therapy is good for loosening tendons and muscles. This will allow an increase in the blood flow all through the body. The goal is to make improvements with the circulation and it has proven to offer many positive outcomes

Homepathy & Modern Medicine

It must be noted that the principals involved in Homeopathy have been accepted within many of the modern medicine areas. There are some modern practitioners who hold the belief that negligent amounts of a disease causing illness will have an impact on building an immunity. There is a large majority of medical professionals who place value in this option.


Vaccinations are an accepted use. There was a Harvard study conducted and it was determined that the majority of people, within the population, are choosing this option over other traditional medicines. The idea is to build it against the disease and this makes sense to many individuals. There are some valid reasons that this option continues to gain the confidence and the trust of many. It is growing in popularity in the west. Many have concluded that suppressing symptoms of an illness will not cure it.


The use of high antibiotics or larger doses of various medications only place the focus on suppressing symptoms for shorter periods of time instead of eliminating it all together. This means that the negative element is still in the body as opposed to terminating it. It ought to be known that every person reacts differently to a sickness or a medical issue. This requires the medical professionals to take the time and provide customized medical care to resolve it. This drops the notion that there is a one shoe fits everybody solution. Is this a safe medical choice? There is a very small chance for an adverse effect. It is important to ensure that it will not interfere with other substances. It ought to be noted that this has continued to flourish all through the years.

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