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The Benefits of Acupuncture

This type of pain management solution can be best described as being an ancient Chinese treatment option that can be used to alleviate various ailments by activating certain points within the skin with needles. The process is minimally invasive and stimulates nerve-rich sections under the surface of the skin which has a positive impact on gland, tissues and various bodily functions.

When each needle is placed in the skin, it causes a tiny injury at the point of insertion. This tiny injury causes very little to no pain, but causes the body to respond to this stimuli. Some of the responses the body makes as a result of this include: improved healing ability, pain modulation, improved immune system and healthy blood flow.

The History & Concept of Acupuncture

The concept behind why it was being used throughout ancient china is complicated as back in the early days of it being practiced, it wasn’t necessarily based on proven science or medicine. Back then, they believed the human body was animated by an invisible force of which they called “qi”. They believed that when this life force was flowing well in the body it led to good physical and mental health. Alternatively they also believed that when the flow of qi was unbalanced, it would cause various illnesses.

Interestingly enough, many experts have agreed that the ancient Chinese concept of qi isn’t as far fetched as it seems. In fact they suggest that we should think of qi as being the way our body naturally works. For instance, in some instances we become more prone to getting diseases because of an accumulation of anxiety and stress.

Alternatively, if you are healthy and calm most of the time, your body will physically react to this. Many modern day scientists now agree that your mood and mental health pays a pivotal role with your physical health. As a result of this fact, acupuncture is utilized by many people over the world to balance their qi or in other words the natural inner workings of their body.

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What Acupuncture can help with

If you’ve been contemplating the possibility of partaking in this type of holistic healing solution, chances are that you may be experiencing a symptom or medical condition that you wish to gain some relief from. Well, you’ll be glad to know that this holistic healing solution has been proven to help people with a multitude of different conditions.

No one will tell you that this form of treatment is a miracle solution for every condition known to man. But, verify studies from prominent organizations of demonstrated evidence that it is a worth treatment for people who have various conditions. The fact of the matter is that it has been used for over 2000 years because of its effectiveness at improving quality of life.

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Common Questions & Concerns

If you have a condition which has been proven to benefit from the utilization of needles, let’s take a look at what a session entails and how you can incorporate that into your schedule.
However, as far as improving men & womens health, it’s worth noting that you don’t have to leave the needles in that long. As you progress through treatment you may benefit from shorter sessions. One of the more interesting aspects of this type of treatment is that it’s practically impossible to tell someone what they should expect as everyone reacts differently once the session is completed. However, some of the symptoms many users report include:

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