PRP Therapy for chronic or acute Knee Pain

Heal your knee by awakening your own body's regeneration power.

The knee is one of the strongest joints in the body, but also one of the most involved and hard-working. On any given day, the knee supports the body’s weight, keeps us standing, and even participates in a number of daily activities. Whether you’re sitting, walking, running, or jumping, the knee is doing what it can to make sure your body helps you achieve the task at hand. This high level of involvement on a daily basis also makes the joint more susceptible to injuries and quickened wear and tear.

How exactly does that happen?

Each knee is made up of a series of components including the surrounding bones, cartilage tissue, shock-absorbing meniscus, supporting ligaments, and synovial fluid. Together, these parts work to protect the knee from damage. Over time, and with injury, the functional components that make up the knee joint can begin to experience difficulty carrying out their specialized tasks that keep the knee moving smoothly, correctly, and painlessly. Numerous conditions and injuries put the joint and its various parts at risk for breakdown, straining, increased friction, and tearing. Treating knee damage with a non-invasive procedure like platelet-rich plasma therapy is a great way to get to the root of these types of conditions—alleviating symptoms while also promoting the natural rebuilding of the damaged tissue involved.

Helping you heal yourself

Conditions of the knee joint that can cause pain

Though one of the most common causes of chronic pain and discomfort in the knee joint is arthritis, there are numerous others that can cause a breakdown in cartilage and damage to the joint. While gender, family history, and previous injuries can spark the onset of various joint diseases and conditions, things like lifestyle and daily activity can lead to damage-causing injuries. Below is a list of common conditions of the knee joint that can be treated with PRP therapy:

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