Men & Women’s Health

or both men and women, it is especially important to actively care for your health through all the phases of life.  Not only is nurturing your well-being a part of living in harmony with nature’s cycles, but it can also improve your quality of life.

Most men and women face a wide variety of health concern as they age. Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine take a holistic, or whole-body approach to health.  According to these theories, Qi is the vital energy that animates the body and flows through the pathways called meridians to nourish all of the body’s organs.  When there is an imbalance or blockage of Qi, the cells, tissues, muscles and organs will receive and inadequate amount of bodies vital energies.  When this occurs, physical symptoms relating to various medical concerns may result.

By working together and making positive lifestyle changes you’ll soon be enjoying the many benefits of a balanced, energetic approach to life.  That’s something every man and woman can appreciate.

Men’s Health Therapies

  • Impotency
  • Testosterone Replacement

Women’s Health Therapies

  • PMS
  • Gynecological health
  • Menopause
  • Heart Disease
  • Fibroids and Endometriosis
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