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If you know that the medical field is the direction that you want to go but you are still not sure where to begin, you may find that going with a career as a medical assistant is a good fit. For many people, going to a medical assistant school in Los Angeles is a great way to get the right amount of challenge while acting as a solid stepping stone to gain greater knowledge. A medical assistant is a vital member of a health care team and they are there to perform a wide range of tasks to help ensure quality care for the patient along with other medical and administrative duties.

Clinical And Administrative Roles

For a medical assistant, the role is unique and it includes a balance of both administrative and clinical duties. Medical assistants will also usually be the first point of contact with the general public. It is most often required that you understand coding for insurance as well as chart software applications for both medical and patient charts. Some will even be required to have billing and accounting basics skills while also taking on the role of patient liaison.

For the clinical side, medical assistants will take and then record the medical history of the patient along with answering questions that they have regarding the procedure they may be having in the office. Medical assistants also prepare and administer medications, collect specimens for the lab and take EKG tests and other major tasks. 

If you are seriously thinking about attending medical assistant school in Los Angeles, these are some of the benefits that you may enjoy: 

Personal Fulfillment –When you work within the healthcare field, you are helping others while working on honing your own medical skills and knowledge. In addition to knowing all of the processes of the medical practice, you are also working closely with the patients.

Streamlined Training –While it may not always be necessary to have formal education to take a job in this field, any medical assistant that has been through a certificate or degree program will have better choices for job opportunities with higher pay than someone would without training. Medical assistant programs can often be completed in one or two years and you will have a vast amount of medical knowledge regarding first aid, ethics, and laws.

Great Job Prospects –The medical field is one that is forever growing, meaning that you will have a host of job opportunities to choose from after completing your medical assistant training and externship.

Making your way into a medical assistant school in Los Angeles will open up a world of opportunity for you. If you decide to move forward with another path in the medical field, you will always have this certification to fall back on, if necessary. Do you still want to learn more about the classes and programs available to you? We would love to help at Regan Career Institute. Give us a call today and we can talk with you about these and other benefits that come from the medical assistant courses that we have to offer and how we can help you get started.

medical assistant school Los Angeles