Cancer Treatment Fort Lauderdale

Cancer Treatment Fort Lauderdale

Cancer Treatment in Fort Lauderdale Gives Us Hope


Cancer is not a new disease. There is even a lot of evidence indicating that the dinosaurs suffered from it. What has changed is the way cancer is treated. Early treatments were literally a “witches brew” including such “remedies” as boar’s tooth and fox lung dispensed by ancient apothecaries and perhaps real witches. Surgeries with no anesthetics were also common.

The use of anesthetics beginning in the mid-1850s eliminated the pain of surgery, but it left many patients disfigured and likely not cured. The next advance around 1900 was radiation. It was not really understood at the time, but it proved effective on some tumors. The problem was that it killed healthy cells along with the cancer cells.

Chemotherapy emerged in the 1940s but the first chemicals were essentially poisons that killed some patients instead of curing them. Chemotherapy has evolved over recent years to include medicines that work by stopping the genetic source of cancer instead of attacking the whole tumor. These treatments literally seek out and fight cancers and work in concert with the body’s natural immune system.

What About the Pain

Patients suffering from cancer will have to fight another battle with pain and one of the leaders when comes to cancer treatment in Fort Lauderdale is Raviva Healing Center. Raviva therapies include Acupuncture, Massage, Cupping and IV treatments including Glutathione, an important antioxidant that can help prevent and possibly reverse cancer.

Acupuncture originated in China but is now widely used in the USA and Europe. Cupping is lesser known and involves the placement of heated glass cups to the body. As the cups cool, they create suction that draws blood to the surface improving blood flow and the flow of a “vital energy” called Qi. The staff at Raviva is well trained to administer these therapies.

No more Apothecaries

Modern healthcare focuses on the prevention of disease instead of waiting for the disease and treating the symptoms in a reactive manner. Proper nutrition and lifestyle changes are the two best ways to prevent diseases. Raviva Healing Centers can help people get on the right track with weight management programs and therapies for improved health. These include therapies for heart disease, infertility, low T treatments for men and menopause for women. Again, holistic Chinese medicine and unblocking the qi energy is key to these therapies.

A healthy body cannot endure without a healthy mind and cancer patients may find themselves facing depression and anxiety during and after surgery or a round of chemotherapy. Raviva does not prescribe “happy pills”. Instead, they focus on natural herbal supplements, acupuncture and homeopathic remedies to treat depression and restore a positive mental state.

Raviva works with health insurance companies like Humana, Blue Cross / Blue Shield, Aetna and Cigna. Cancer treatment in Fort Lauderdale gives relief to cancer patients from their pain, while healthy people can get therapies to improve their lives and “embrace exceptional health” and wellbeing. To begin, call Raviva Healing Center at 954-888-8355 or use the email to set up an appointment.

Cancer Treatment Fort Lauderdale